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One more spiritual movie is coming up…… It’s Vighnaharta Shree Siddhivinayak!!! Like all the other – Jai Santoshi Maa, Jai Hanumana and the others……Since this is India movies with spiritual concept do work. Though they are not the actual hit films, but at least they reach to their average visitors. This may be because of the fact that the public in India mostly tend to be cultural and religious.
Anyways, as the name suggests, Vighnaharta Shree Siddhivinayak is the movie that cast Ganapati Bappa in its leading role!!! This is not a joke… It is true…. In other ovies we see that it is the main actor who saves all from the difficulties. But this time, it is Ganapati Bappa who saves all from the difficulties. That means Bappa is the actor in the movie.
Apart from this there are some Bollywood celebrities who will be giving their guest appearances for the film. Watch the promo of Vighnaharta Shree Siddhivinayak film at its official site. From the promo it is known that it is Ajay Devgan, Kajol and Sachin Tendulkar who will be doing the cameo roles

Recently, we heard that Shahid and Priyanka’s are on the verge of separation. It was known that quite often they were seen together, but nowadays they are facing some problem in their relation. It is Shahid’s nature that is causing Priyanka to be quite tensed.
Anyways!!! Recently, it is known that Gerard Butler is currently in Jaipur to spend some time with Priyanka.
Priyanka is currently in Jaipur for the shooting of her upcoming film, What’s your Rashee? Priyanka spent some time with Gerard when she visited Chicago. Both of them had lunch together there.
This time it is Gerard’s turn now. Gerard came in India a couple of days ago with some of his friends. On Tuesday, he went Jaipur to meet Priyanka. It is known that both of them dined together.
It seems that the chemistry between the two started when Shahrukh Khan had hosted a party. After that, it is known that the two are in regular touch with each other. Priyanka – Shahid will be together till their movie Kaminey, I think (Same like Harman Baweja!!!!

Introspection is the answer to all the questions. Govinda thinks that by doing some introspection he will get all the answers to his questions. There are many question marks in front of Govinda.
One of the questions is what was the reason behind Congress not asking him to contest?? Then he says that he does not get who is his friend and who is his enemy. He feels that there is some negativity related to him in the Congress Party. But he does not know, what is the reason behind that? He thinks that whatever he does, results in controversy. Why does this happen?? And the last question is that is he on the right track in his film career??
To find answers to all these questions, Govinda has decided to stay alone for some days. Currently Govinda is in Central London and trying to introspect himself. He said that he needs a break from politics and that is why he is out of politics for some days. But he is not away from his politician friends.
Govinda’s last film Money Hai Toh Honey Hai did not do well on the Box Office. But now he is moving ahead for a better film, which will be shot in London….

It is known that since Aa Dekhen Zara bombed, Neil Nitin Mukesh has postponed the release date of his next upcoming film, Jail.

Earlier it was known that Neil Mukesh, himself was studying jail atmosphere and for that he visited some jails actually. Now it is said that Neil who is shown as the prisoner in Jail shot a scene were he was being tortured by the jail authorities. This scene shows Neil nude. Madhur Bhandarkar, is very well known as a director who strives for perfection. For this scene too he demanded perfection but he already had discussed about the scene with Neil and other related staff. He assured Neil that he will make it sure that there will be no one other than the cinematographer during the shoot.

Neil was not comfortable with the idea, but when he was assured by Madhur, he agreed to do the scene. Madhur said that they personally visited some of the jails and they want to make this movie sound realistic. So sooting this scene for the movie is too crucial for him.


Imran Khan choosy for his films

It is known that Imran Khan has refused to feature in Kunal Kohli’s assistant Danish Aslam’s upcoming film. Earlier also Imran had rejected many films. It seems that Imran is being selective and just wants to do the films that would be worth for him. Or it might be that Imran is just reserved for his uncle, Aamir’s Production and hence he must be rejecting all the films.

He was asked for Delhi 6 also, but he refused to do the movie. Actually, Kidnap movie of Imran Khan did not receive good response. After that now, it is Luck movie of Soham Shah in which Imran is featuring.

Imran is keen on doing romantic comedy movies and also thriller movies. Next, it is Sanjay Gadhvi’s upcoming film in which he will be seen.

Before signing for any movie, he wants to be careful though he has offers from all major banners. Currently he is going through Puneet, Manish Malhotra’s nephew’s script.


After struggling hard for the name Saif Ali Khan and director Imtiaz Ali have finally landed on a title….Love Aaj Kal for their upcoming film. It is known that this movie is produced by Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone features in the film opposite Saif Ali Khan.
It is known that Love Aaj Kal movie shooting started some months ago, but right from the beginning there was no name for the film. Unit members of the film used to call this film as Production No. 1 as it is the first home production film of Saif Ali Khan.
This is not new for Imtiaz Ali as he did the same for his previous films Socha Na Tha and Jab We Met. But here, in the case of Love Aaj Kal, Imtiaz had already thought for the name of the film. It was ‘Aaj Aur Kal’ or ‘Aaj Kal’. But Saif wanted this film to have some punch line like Jab We Met that is some english-hindi mixture in the title. So he sticked to Love Aaj Kal title as it is catchy as Jab We Met. But, Reportedly, Imtiaz Ali is still not happy with the title - Love Aaj Kal............


Ranbir rejects Kunal Kohli’s script

Though Kunal Kohli says that he has not yet completed the script of his upcoming film, there are many rumors in the industry about him approaching Ranbir Kapoor. It is known that Kunal Kohli approached Ranbir Kapoor of Saawariya fame for the leading role in his upcoming film. But Ranbir Kapoor rejected the film. Whereas, Kunal Kohli says that he has not yet completed his script and so there is no question of approaching Ranbir.
Whatever it is… whether approached or not, the reason behind the rejection of this film is quite interesting. Ranbir Kapoor read the script of Kunal Kohli’s this film, but it seems, he didn’t like the story line of the film. He asked Kunal to make some changes in the script. According to that, Kunal edited the script and showed it to Ranbir. But Ranbir, it seems was still not happy with the script.
Kunal and Ranbir had a long discussion about this where, Ranbir was constantly telling Kunal that nowadays, taste of the public has changed and they don’t like the same old stuffed stories. Instead, they like some new ideas or some new stories. Kunal did not agree to Ranbir’s this point and he explained Ranbir with an example of Yash Raj’s films. But Ranbir was not ready to agree to this. Neither was Kunal ready to take Ranbir’s idea.
Ranbir then said that his father was a superstar. But for Ranbir, he has to make his career in acting yet and he is on that way. So he was not in favor of taking any risk in his career.
So, later it is known that Kunal has let Ranbir go away and has decided to go for some other stars. He has decided to approach either Imran Khan or Shahid Kapoor for the film!!!

Kaminey movie starring Shahid and Priyanka

To do the publicity of their movies they can do any thing. During the time of Om Shanti Om it was Shahrukh – Manoj Kumar spat regarding the scene in OSO. Also the news that Deepika Padukone is a girl with plenty boys news spread across at the time of OSO release. But that worked for OSO promotion after the release of the film. Then when it was Jab We Met’s time it was Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor break off news that churned a lot. All those churning news gave fame to Jab We Met. After that at the time of Billu’s release it was the issue regarding barber’s association opposing the word barber in the title of the movie. Also the stone thrown on Mannat of Shahrukh and the word Huzoor in the song of Billu worked for Billu’s publicity.
Before Jodha Akbar’s release it was the Rajput opposition that worked for Ashutosh Gowarikar’s promotion. After the release of Welcome movie it was the issue that Welcome not to be screened in Pakistan. Even this worked for Welcome’s publicity. Before the release of Race movie there was gigantic news about Saif- Kareena relationship.
Now I know, all are thinking, why I am reviewing all these things. Actually, this is because today I got to know that Shahid and Priyanka Chopra are going around. Both of them stay in the same buildings, but different wings. Often, they are seen at each others house. As we all know, Shahid and Priyanka are all set to feature in their upcoming film, Kaminey. And the rumors now say that the both are going to divulge about their relationship at the time of Kaminey’s release. So that they can even be assured for the publicity of their movie without much efforts!!!!

Aa Dekhen Zara Music launch

Recently happened event was the lavish event for Neil Nitin Mukesh of Aa Dekhen Zara. It was an absolute delight for the observers around. Neil Nitin Mukesh and Bipasha BasuAa Dekhen Zara movie stars polished the environment of reality show - Indian Idol 4 to launch the Aa Dekhen Zara music.
Bipasha looked more slim and stylish in her short red costume, while Neil looked eye-catching and charming in his black outfit. The extraordinary couple mingled with the music and crooned some songs in front of celebrity judges Javed Akhtar and Sonali Bendre.
Later, they were seen interacting with the Indian Idol participators and wished them luck. Consequently, it is also known that Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor starred in the same show for their movie promotion. But this promotion of theirs, I think didn’t work much for Delhi 6…...



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